TRISA Nail Beauty – for perfectly manicured nails

The new TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System is easy to use and enables professional care to be undertaken both at home and when out and about. The electronic nail care kit comprises three attachments for... Read more

TRISA Visage – nice and pure skin

The new electrical face brush TRISA Visage Sonic Cleansing System makes your skin feel wonderfully clean. Read more

The parity-based board of directors is once again complete

Since the Annual General Meeting, which took place on 13th June 2015, the Board of Directors is once again complete with Monika Kurmann Read more

A shop window for the dental industry

The AEEDC trade fair for dental products in Dubai is the most important and biggest exhibition of its kind in the Middle East. Its vibrancy even stretches as far as Iran, the Indian subcontinent and... Read more