Innovation management


Leadership in innovation and technology

Consistently oriented and systematic innovation management together with a culture of innovation that is practised by the entire company, form a key success factor for TRISA.


The entire workforce is innovative

Our TRISA spirit creates a favourable environment and acts as a driving force for the innovation process. TRISA endeavours to integrate the entire intellectual resources of its workforce. For this reason, all TRISA employees are in possession of an “idea pass“ where every proposal made, whether involving products, process optimisation, improvements to the workplace, technology or social innovations is recorded and also rewarded at a later date. With the “Question of the month“, which is addressed to all employees, inputs received from the idea circles are subjected to a critical discussion with the view to finding solutions. Each year, “TRISA Champions“ are selected: these are employees who stand out because they have come up with excellent ideas. 


House of ideas and innovation circles

Since 1997 TRISA innovations have originated from our house of ideas. Our interdisciplinary innovation circles meet regularly with the aim of creating new ideas for products. In all probability, the house accommodates the largest exhibition of current dental hygiene articles anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we can take advantage of the innovation database, which provides us with access to comprehensive innovation on a specific subject, at the flick of the wrist.


TRISA Champion – captivating ideas!   

At TRISA, the ongoing improvement process is an integral part of our daily work. Errors are acknowledged as the potential for improvement and ongoing developments within the company. TRISA’s own suggestion scheme - TRISA Champion – is actively used by all TRISA employees. They identify small and large improvements in their daily duties and use the inputs to initiate action and projects. The suggestions are systematically entered in the integrated process management system and implemented in the context of an ongoing improvement process.