Dental Profession

TRISA works closely with leading expert panels and organisations involved in oral care: 

Professional Associations 

The Swiss Dental Association (SSO) is the professional organisation for dentists working in Switzerland and the general scientific body for dental medicine.

Swiss Dental Hygienists (SDH) is the professional association for dental hygienists.

The SVDA is the national and professional association for dental assistants and dental medical assistants.

The SZPI foundation places emphasis on early dental health education through diet, fluoride prophylaxis and oral hygiene measures.

The common aim of the “Dental-Friendly“ activity is to educate the Swiss population about the issues surrounding diet, oral hygiene and the prevention of caries.

The Swiss professional association “Parental Counselling“ (SF MVB) aims to promote early long-term healthcare and prevention for babies and small children.



University Institutes 

The centre for dental medicine is part of the University of Zurich. As an internationally acknowledged clinic, training and research centre, six specialised clinics and institutes are combined under a single roof.

The dental medicine institute of the University of Geneva is devoted to promoting oral healthcare. The institute is also investigating measures that are planned for integration in a holistic healthcare concept.  

The dental medicine clinic of the University of Bern (zmk bern) is an internationally renowned centre for teaching, research and treating patients.

The university clinics for dental medicine make up the department of dental medicine at the medical faculty of the University of Basel.


TRISA fosters close cooperation with a number of dental practises in Switzerland.