TRISA Sonic – for a superior deep cleaning

The excellent cleaning efficiency, the pleasant sensation of cleanliness and the simple handling cause more and more people to clean their teeth with an electrical toothbrush. TRISA is offering a suitable kind of electrical toothbrush for every consumer need. You can choose from a wide range of oscillating electrical toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes. The new TRISA sonic toothbrushes «Sonic Performance» and «Sonic Advanced» fulfill the highest standards regarding quality, ergonomics and price-performance ratio.

With more than 40,000 deep-cleansing movements per minute, the TRISA sonic toothbrushes provide an extraordinary cleaning experience. The high-frequency vibrations create considerable turbulences within the existing mixture of saliva and toothpaste. Exactly these high-speed turbulences make this mixture not only reach the bacteria on the tooth surfaces but also in the interdental spaces. That is where it is most difficult to remove plaque.

The new type of motor technology is silent and powerful at the same time. The cleaning performance of the sonic toothbrushes constantly remains on a high level between the charging processes. The powerful lithium-ion battery lasts for an extra-long brushing time of up to two weeks (2 x 2 minutes per day). The time-control function guides the user through the recommended two-minute cleaning procedure. Made in Switzerland.


TRISA Sonic Performance Flyer

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TRISA Sonicpower – feel the difference!

The second generation of TRISA’s Sonicpower combines the ease of use of a manual toothbrush with the benefits of a sonic toothbrush. Sonically-vibrating bristles remove plaque even from the more difficult-to-reach areas. TRISA Sonicpower cleans teeth exceptionally thoroughly but is still extremely gentle on the gums.

TRISA Sonicpower is impressive for its highly effective brush heads as well as achieving up to 28,000 sonic movements per minute. The Sonicpower Pro Interdental option combines longer interdental bristles with high-frequency sonic movements to produce up to nine times more cleaning performance in the areas between the teeth*. It also has shorter cleaning bristles to remove plaque thoroughly from the tooth surface. The Sonicpower Complete Protection version also includes an outstandingly innovative bristle zone that works with the high-frequency sonic movements to clean over 30% more efficiently*.

The user-friendly charging system has proved itself over many years and a handy changeover method makes it easy to change the brush head after three months use at the most (dentists’ recommendation).

* in comparison with a conventional manual toothbrush

(ADA toothbrush recommendations)


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