TRISA Spirit milestones

The TRISA spirit, our philosophy and our corporate culture continues to evolve. The aim is to promote a co-operative style of leadership and responsibility for one's own actions, but also entrepreneurial thinking. Apart from the well-established capital and profit-sharing scheme, plus co-determination within the Board of Directors, TRISA is also following new paths on the way to promoting social, mental and physical well-being.

The participative TRISA management model was created in the 60s and, in its basic form, has been practised for more than 50 years. Today, it is more relevant than ever.

Since 1964Profit-sharing for all employees
Since 1968Social equality for all employees
Since 1972Employees become shareholders (30 per cent of the share capital is in the hands of the workforce)
Since 1973Equal representation on the Board of Directors
Since 1976Solidarity Fund
Since 1993P-Club
Since 1999

Promotion of social, mental and physical well-being amongst the employees

Since 2009TRISA on the move