Mission and basic position

«I personally believe in God and in the good of man! Consequently, I feel that we have a mission to fulfil here on earth. And the task of the entrepreneur? In my opinion, he shall create work and do everything to ensure that the people who work for him take pleasure in their jobs. He who enjoys his work will always produce better results. To the benefit of one and all.»

Ernst Pfenniger-Unternährer, quote 1964


TRISA Mission

  • TRISA products provide health, joy and wellness.
  • TRISA is achieving pioneering performance in the oral care, hair care and body care.
  • TRISA acts in an innovative, quality-conscious, social and environmentally-friendly manner.
  • TRISA employees participate in the capital and success.
  • One should love TRISA. 


TRISA's basic position

  • We believe in our successful future which we create day by day. Together, we can achieve everything.
  • We take joy in our task and achieve top performance.
  • We think positively based on mutual trust and esteem.
  • We approach each other co-operatively in an uncomplicated manner and constructively.
  • We think like entrepreneurs and we love initiative and new ideas.  
  • We work professionally, efficiently and flexibly.
  • We lead through example and take decisions on the spot within the team.
  • We communicate and inform openly, honestly and systematically.
  • We regard our customers and suppliers as partners. They take part in the TRISA family spirit.
  • We have confidence in the power above that is guiding us.