Co-determination, capital and profit-sharing



Our philosophy is aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thinking. All TRISA employees are shareholders in their own company and participate in its joint success. Holding 30 per cent of the shares, the employees account for half the members of the Board of Directors. The EB commission provides an additional opportunity for co-determination and a possibility to exert influence. This democratic and social management model results in a high level of commitment and dedication within the company. 


Capital and profit-sharing (EB)

The employee’s financial participation in the success of the company is reflected on the one hand in dividend payments to the shareholders and on the other, in the profit-sharing scheme. Each month, the EB commission receives a report about the company’s course of business. All employees receive a bonus in the form of a fixed percentage of their basic salary under the EB scheme. With the annual financial report the Board of Directors assesses the sales figures, the EBITDA and the sustainability of the results on the basis of the effective figures and then determines the level of the end of year EB bonus. This is then paid out across the entire company as a percentage of the EB compliant annual salary and handed to each employee personally by senior management.