Success factors

TRISA’s success is mainly attributed to our corporate culture, the TRISA spirit and innovation and technology leadership, together with a courageous policy of investment.


First success factor: TRISA‘s philosophy and culture 

Enthusiastic employees create enthusiastic customers: We practise open-mindedness – both within and outside the company. Solidarity and humanity, but also treating all our partners fairly, is entrenched in our corporate philosophy. This creates a strong commitment to the company and a pronounced culture of trust and confidence. 

Only a dedicated team can be sure of success over the long term. The willingness to go the extra mile, however, can only be counted on if the employees feel at home in the company and go about their work with enthusiasm. This is what our mission, basic values and principles of leadership are all about.  


Second success factor: Innovation and technology leadership 

Our second success factor is systematic and consistent innovation management as well as a culture of innovation that is practised throughout the company. TRISA competes in the world markets with manufacturers from every imaginable country. Thanks to innovation and functionally superior products we create added-value and are always one step ahead.  


Third success factor: Entrepreneurship

With courage and an entrepreneurial and inventive spirit our TRISA Group is going from strength to strength. Sales have increased more than twenty times over the past 40 years. During the last ten years TRISA sustainably invested in buildings, infrastructure, new technologies and products. In the same period hundreds of new jobs in Switzerland were created.